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Disrupted Events - Digital to the Rescue

The world has changed, and businesses must now get used to a remote-working normal where sales and marketing are done using communication tools like Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and the rapidly growing Zoom.

In this article, I’ll explore how digital events are being disrupted, and suggest an insights-driven approach to nurture sustainable connections that drive long-term value.

Marketers and sales teams in the technology sector have traditionally relied heavily on live events, trade shows, and industry conferences for branding and to sell, but post-pandemic all this has changed. Research from Bizzabo shows the massive impact that the Coronavirus has had, with most businesses being forced to pivot, postpone, or cancel events.

93% of Bizzabo’s sample of 400 marketing leaders say that virtual events will be a mainstay in the future. In the past, this was a mere 26%.

Live streaming is increasing dramatically. A global survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau shows that almost 50% of viewers are streaming more live video than they did last year. And we already know from TechJury research in July 2020 that video has a huge impact on consumers.


“Digital events are big relationship builders, and the new world of sales and marketing is all about building deep connections at scale, and shoring up trust with expert value. Brands can do this really well with webinars, live streams, and expertly executed digital moments.”

There are huge advantages to including live events and video streams in your marketing mix, as brands are now discovering. Digital events open your brand to a global audience, and, thanks to the proliferation of virtual platforms, analytics are more exacting and useful than ever. The more you do, the more you’ll learn and the more successful you’re likely to become.

Here’s advice to help you approach virtual events from a strategic vantage point:

  • Respect your audience’s time
  • Understand your audience
  • Use the right tools and platforms
  • Understand story, logic, and argument
  • Make human connections
  • Be great at form and function
  • Be mindful of distribution and reach
  • Offer clear, unambiguous tips and hints that drive progress

“We are living in a time when digital experience is everything. Use customer-journey mapping to understand how your audience arrives at your digital event, and do everything to improve that experience from beginning to end. Impact is sweating the details in a big way.”


Looking to the future 

Event managers need to rethink their approach. A good real-world event is intended to engage with participants and generate ‘coverage’ in traditional media and social media. Create memorable experiences for the attendees that lead to conversations about the brand in their community.

Technology provides opportunities for event organisers that have not yet been fully exploited. Take webinars — these are traditionally one or two people having a casual chat or making a heavy sales pitch. And they go on far too long. But what if you were to host a webinar with several participants, each having a limited time to present their piece, with an arbitrator then taking questions from the audience, in real-time? This can and has been done. The online event by Global Citizen, called One World Together at Home, featured artists from around the world and raised thousands for the World Health Organisation. Different performances, done live by artists around the world, were interspersed with pre-prepared video segments.

All in all, winning at events when everything has gone online requires businesses to rethink their strategy, not only when it comes to their target audience and determining what content is relevant, but also in ensuring it reaches the right people and adds value. Research clearly shows that the events industry has been disrupted and that virtual conferences and live streaming are here to stay. Knowing this, it makes sense to master this vital part of your marketing mix. The good news is that digital events are now data-driven and analytics rich, which means you can use this marketing tactic to better understand and build relationships with the audiences that matter most to your business.

“Research clearly shows that the events industry has been disrupted and that virtual conferences and live streaming are here to stay.”


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